Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Old Hollywood" Couture Boudoir Photography

This situation worked out perfectly. My adorable friend Kyle Lingg a Certified Neuro Reflex Therapist and I were talking the other day while she was giving me a wonderful massage. I told her how I was looking for a claw foot bathtub to do a shoot in as well as a few other secrets I have up my sleeve. She told me her great friend Nancy Pope owned The Whitmore Mansion ( and that I just had to contact her! Being new to this area I only knew of the McHenry Mansion and had already learned that they have a great setting that I hope to soon get to work with, but not what I was looking for with these specific shoots I had lingering in my mind.

Walking through the mansion I couldn't help but to think that this would be an awesome place for a Boudior session (as well as the other sessions in mind)! Only days later that I received an email from a client with a love of antiques, she had hoped to do a boudoir session with me! PERFECT! Bam Bam we sorted it out and within 4 days came up with these beautiful shots of this beautiful woman with this beautiful hair in a beautiful location!:) Thank you so much Nancy and Jacque! you guys did an incredible job!

My client could not stop talking about how impressed she was with the mansion and how she envy's those who have their weddings and events there. Book it! Its beautiful! And when Nancy cooks man does it smell incredible!

There were many more photos however these were all I could/should post online. This stuff is between her and her husband!:)

Love the above..this shot is what made me think of the title "Old Hollywood".

The above leg/piano/Whitmore Mansion concept was originally seen (as far as I know) by Bella Boudoir. I had thought that by telling the client to pose in front of the piano we would for sure have a different image afterward, however after going through my photos it still bears resemblance. This was the pose that was natural to her:) Different effects and layout though:) I tried to put my own take and edge into the shot:)

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